3 Months Internship | Web Development | At | Work from Home

Area of Work Sector –

  1. Updating and managing website

  2. Fixing bugs , SEO of website and Digital Marketing

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Job Location/Work Location -

Work from home

Number of interns required –


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Start Date –


Date to Apply –

Can join between 4th December 2020 and 8th January 2021

Duration –

3 months

Mandatory to join Telegram group for regular job updates

Skills Required –

  1. PHP

  2. HTML

  3. CSS

  4. JavaScript

  5. AWS ( Amazon Web Services )

  6. Linux

  7. MySQL


2500 per month

Download java/python/android/web projects for free

Additional Information –


Flexible work Hours

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To increase your chances for selection

1. Must a good resume that showcase your skills via projects/internships/volunteering.

2. A well maintained LinkedIn Profile with some certifications included.

3. Great to have own portfolio website that describes you in detail.

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