4 Month Internship - Graphic Design ( T - Shirt ) - At Godhuli Group - Work from Home

Area of Work Sector –

  1. Create and Design various designs

  2. Work on various logos of companies

  3. Work on various images and filters

  4. Work on websites and blogs with Wordpress

  5. Need to be creative

Job Location/Work Location -

Work from home

Number of interns required –


Mandatory to join whatsapp group for regular job updates

Start Date –


Last Date to Apply –

15 November 2020

Duration –

4 months

Mandatory to join Telegram group for regular job updates

Skills Required –

  1. Adobe Photoshop

  2. Adobe Illustrator

  3. UI/UX design

  4. Adobe Indesign


1000 per month

Additional Information –

  1. 0 - 2 years experience in Graphic design , planning , finance or related topics.

  2. The per son should graduate from a reputed fashion design institute

  3. Must be a graphic design major or enrolled in a related degree program

  4. Excellent written and verbal communication

  5. Knowledge of video editing like Final Cut , iMovie or Windows live movies maker etc.

Apply Now

To increase your chances for selection

1. Must a good resume that showcase your skills via projects/internships/volunteering.

2. A well maintained LinkedIn Profile with some certifications included.

3. Great to have own portfolio website that describes you in detail.

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