C++ Introduction

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

C++ is the most popular language around us, especially for competitive coding. It is also known as cpp. C++ is more than C. It is developed to remove some of the disadvantages of C. Now a days C++ is a great competitor of Java & Python. So, if you are planning to learn C++ you are at the right place. In this tutorial we will cover complete C++ tutorial in the most easy language to understand.

What is C++

C++ is a general purpose, case-sensitive, free-form programming language that supports object-oriented, procedural and generic programming.

C++ is a middle-level language, as it encapsulates both high and low level language features.

As it name is showing, it is more than C.


What is OOPS

Object Oriented Programming deals with real world problems & have four major pillars

1. Abstraction

2. Inheritance

3. Polymorphism

4. Encapsulation

C++ Usage

Using C++ You can develop various products like

1. Window Application

2. Client- Server Application

3. Device Drivers

4. Embedded firmware etc.


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