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C++ Program

Before start learning C++ programming, you need to know how to write first program in C++.

But Wait !!

It is not just a hello world program, there is something more. So, Let’s see.

  • #include<iostream>

  • using namespace std;

  • int main()

  • {

  • cout<<”Hello World !”;

  • return 0;

  • }

#include<iostream> - Header File contains all the functions including cout, cin

using namespace std – Namespace Library for std features. We will discuss is later in a separate topic

int main() – Main function execution begins

cout<< - used to print something

return 0 – used to end program

Wait !

If you are using any of the compiler the above code will work, but for turbo C++ rule is little bit different. Let’s see that also to avoid any further confusion.

Come on ! Just going to finish ! Few Lines More !

  • #include<iostream.h>

  • #include<conio.h>

  • void main()

  • {

  • cout<<”Hello World!”;

  • getch();

  • }

So, What’s New in Turbo C++

#include<iostream.h> - Why extra h? because no namespace

#include<conio.h> because getch(); to terminate the program, return 0 is not supported in turbo c++

void main() – Why ?

Meanwhile Turbo C++ - It’s my choice. Only supports void main()

Anything Left ??

Nah !!!

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