C++ Variable

A variable is a name of memory location. It is used to store data. Its value can be changed and it can be reused many times.

It is a way to represent memory location through symbol so that it can be easily identified.

Let's see the syntax to declare a variable in C++

int a;

variable name is ‘a’

variable type is “int” means it is going to store integer type values only like numbers -1, 0, 1

Other Examples

char c; //for character values like ‘a’, ‘b’

float f; //used to store floating point/ decimal values like “1.004”

Declaring two variables together

int a=5,b;

Rules for defining variables

A variable can have alphabets, digits and underscore.

A variable name can start with alphabet and underscore only. It can't start with digit.

No white space is allowed within variable name.

A variable name must not be any reserved word or keyword e.g. char, float etc.

Valid Variable Names-

1. int a;

2. int _ab;

3. int a30;

Invalid Variable Names-

1. int 4; //Variable Name can’t be only INT

2. int x y; //Space between variable Name – Not Allowed

3. int double; //double is a keyword, So Not Allowed

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