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CodeDrift is a coding marathon to challenge programmers with several programming questions of varying difficulty levels over 2 days. Bring to light your logical minds by solving algorithmic programming problems. 🧑‍💻 It challenges you with 4 problems on 2 Pointers which will be live till Sunday at 8 pm and will go live on: Jan 8, 2021 (Friday) 8pm:Problem 1 & Problem 2Jan 9, 2021 (Saturday) 8pm:Problem 3 & Problem 4 Register Now

You can Practice 2 Pointers questions here. Please note: - If you start the test on Friday at 8:00 pm, you will get the full 48 hours - If you start at any time after 8:00 pm, you will only get time till Sunday at 8:00 pm. - If you end the test at any point in time you cannot re-enter the contest, so make sure to not end the test without viewing/solving all 4 questions.

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