Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads ULTIMATE COURSE || Free Certification 2021

Why this certification course

  • MAKE MONEY as a Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Expert - Supercharge your e-commerce business, GET MORE LEADS, or FREELANCE - with my FAST LEARN step-by-step training.

  • USE FACEBOOK ADS TO SELL - with hands on, sales focused training that gives you RESULTS from Facebook Conversion & Dynamic Ads, Engagement Ads with Custom & Lookalike Audiences, and more…

  • INTERNET EFFICIENCY AWARD-WINNING FACEBOOK ADS & FACEBOOK MARKETING STRATEGY - the LATEST market research data fused with my expert Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads analysis.

  • POWER UP WITH THE FACEBOOK PIXEL 2021 - Correctly use the latest API Pixel set up so you avoid rookie mistakes - PLUS understand domain verification so you’re READY FOR iOS 14 RESTRICTIONS.

  • Follow my SUCCESS blueprints - PROVEN examples and case studies you can follow to boost your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, & Messenger Ads performance.

  • HOT NEW FACEBOOK LEAD GENERATION ADS TECHNIQUES – start getting a constant stream of leads & sign ups right away.

  • NEW FACEBOOK NEW 2021 LAYOUT – Explained – Learn the NEW Facebook Business Manager, Business Page layout, Creator Studio, - and the 2021 Facebook Pixel and Business setup for iOS 14.

  • HARNESS ALL FACEBOOK’s FEATURES & GET READY FOR iOS 14 Apple restrictions - Learn the NEW 2021 FACEBOOK INTERFACE to get benefit from Facebook for Business & Facebook Ads Library.

  • Learn EVERY FACEBOOK AD OBJECTIVE & FORMAT – create perfect Ads and learn how and WHEN you should use Dynamic Ads, Conversion Ads, Lead Generation Ads, Traffic Ads and more…

  • MESSENGER AD MASTERY - Show Messenger Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger - Start conversations, & use Chatbots to create new leads & sell 24/7!!!

  • GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM BUSINESS PROFILE – set up your Facebook Business Page to display your Instagram Business Profile on Facebook - and show Facebook Ads on Instagram.

  • POWER INSTAGRAM AD TECHNIQUES – learn how to make the most out of Instagram Ads, how to create the IDEAL Insta Ad, and how to integrate Instagram with your Facebook Page correctly.

  • OPTIMISE YOUR FACEBOOK ADS BUDGET – with Facebook Advertising strategies and smart Facebook Remarketing techniques. Create Custom and Lookalike Audiences from your website visitors, Facebook Business Page, Video Views, Instagram Business Profile and more…

  • Create VIDEO for Facebook & Instagram – Create catchy short smartphone and drone clips & discover how to cut and edit video with Adobe Premier Pro with a creator who’s made Ads for Pepsi & Nike!

  • FACEBOOK MARKET RESEARCH - Learn how to use the Facebook Ads Library to study your competitor’s Ads & use Audience Insights to create better audiences and more precise targeting.

  • FACEBOOK RETARGETING SECRETS – Double your sales with smart retargeting and remarketing secrets that reel in potential customers.

  • Copywrite like a PRO – the MASTER KEY to success with Facebook Ads – my easy learn video explainer BONUS COURSE teaches you how to create Ad content that gets clicks, leads, & SALES.

  • Use the FULL POWER of Facebook Pixel Events – & save time by creating PERFECT audiences that are highly receptive to your ads.

  • GRAB ATTENTION with Facebook VIDEO marketing – create engaging clips for your Facebook Ads & marketing posts & learn how to use online software for this - without a camera or cutting software!

  • DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES – Maximise your Facebook Ad results by creating a strategy tailored to your ideal customer’s journey to purchase - so you achieve your marketing goals.

  • POWER UP your BUSINESS - Learn how to use Facebook Jobs, Competition Analysis, Jobs Ads & Messenger Ads to supercharge your Facebook Marketing.

  • Learn the NEW FACEBOOK BUSINESS 2021 LAYOUT - Set up slick looking Facebook Business Pages & benefit from Facebook Business Page & Marketing features.

  • Get MORE out of FACEBOOK LOCAL ADS - Precision target your Local Ads with Reach Ads and Engagement Ads for Local Business.

  • AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS - with Facebook catalogue feeds and Messenger bots - PLUS use Dynamic Ads to reel in customers who interacted with your Facebook content or website.

  • DIGITAL MARKETING CAREERS BONUS guide - Land a highly paid job, FREELANCE, or start your own Ad agency with my in-depth how to guide.

How to watch

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2. On Mobile/Table/Android - Download Udemy App from Playstore & then do the Step 1.

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