Free Ethical Hacking Course | Network for Beginners (Kali 2020, Hands-on) || Certification

Why this certification course

What you’ll learn:

  • Firstly, How to prepare the penetration testing lab and more cool stuff are inside…

  • Secondly, How to get comfortable with Kali Linux by getting the important required commands.

  • Thirdly, How to use Linux commands & how to interact with the command terminal.

  • Fourthly, How to change your system MAC address (Spoof) to stay anonymous.

  • Fifthly, How to attack any close wireless network and get all details about it (including target network MAC address, SSID, Encryption Type, …etc).

  • How to get the MAC addresses for all clients connected to the target network without even knowing the password of the target router.

  • How to perform a fake-authentication attack to target router without even knowing the password of the target network.

  • Also, How to perform De-Authentication attacks without even knowing the password of the target network.

  • Moreover, How to perform an ARP attack without even knowing the password of the target network.

  • Last, How to Perform (word list) Attacks to get passwords.

How to watch

1. On Web/Desktop/Laptop - Just Simply click on below link & signin/signup using your credentials & you are done.

2. On Mobile/Table/Android - Download Udemy App from Playstore & then do the Step 1.

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