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Free Fire vs PUBG MOBILE || Gaming Articles

Before starting I want to tell that I am not hating any of the game, being a gamer I have played both games Free Fire and PUBG MOBILE and this is the review from my side that what I noticed and what I feel during playing these games. This is not a comparison , it is just a brief introduction of both the games.

Let’s Start

India is a one of the fastly growing market in the Gaming Industry. According to a report India completed more than 7 Billion game downloads in the year of 2020, like Ludo King , Carrom , Free Fire , PUBG MOBILE etc. In Battle Royle category you can see PUBG MOBILE and Free Fire are on top place. But now PUBG MOBILE has banned from India in September 2020 and it affected the gaming industry of the India very hard as well as PUBG MOBILE corporation because PUBG MOBILE plays a very big role in to boost the Esports in India and India is one the highest player base of PUBG MOBILE in the world and before ban team OR ( Orange Rock ) got the 2nd place in the world championship of PUBG MOBILE. It was a great pride for our country but after news of PUBG MOBILE ban many PUBG MOBILE creators like Scout , Mortal , Dynamo were upset , they can play PUBG MOBILE with VPN but they refused to play to support the GOVT. decision.

In this blog we are comparing both the games in different aspects J

1. Creators :-

Free Fire is developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for both Android and ios platform after that Garena bought all right from 111 Dots Studio of Free Fire and become the complete owner of Free Fire and game became Garena Free Fire. Currently Garena working of Free Fire Max which gives the higher graphics and features to attract the players which don’t like the graphic of Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile is developed and published by PUBG corporation which is a subsidiary of a South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG was also well settled game is PC gaming after that PUBG corporation launches its mobile version for mobile gaming industry.

2. Size :-

Size is one of the most important factor for the game because it will also affect the number of downloads, device configuration etc. Currently the size of Free Fire is more than 650 MB and it recommends 2 GB RAM ( it can run in 1 GB also ) and a quad core processor and on the other hand PUBG MOBILE size was almost 1.5 GB or may be more than it. To run PUBG MOBILE Mobile you should have at least 3GB of RAM. Free Fire can run in low end devices but because of size and features you at least have about specifications.

3. Graphics :-

On the behalf of above point you can clearly distinguish between the graphics on size. The size of Free Fire is almost half of the PUBG MOBILE. The Graphics of Free Fire is looking like cartoonist because of characters , maps etc. On the other hand PUBG MOBILE graphic were more realistic and looking very natural. Size matters a lot , Free Fire is almost half of size but it provides good graphics but not like PUBG MOBILE.

4. Downloads on Play Store :-

The downloads of Free Fire is on Play Store is more than 500M+ and before ban the downloads of PUBG MOBILE was more than 100M+ . There is a very big difference between downloads, many people told that downloads of Free Fire is more because of the size so that player can easily download it on the other hand PUBG MOBILE size is large and players prefer to share it between others , rather than download from Play Store. It can be a valid point but we can distinguish on the bases of active players of both the games. After ban of PUBG we can’t count the no. of players.

5. Game Play :-

On the bases of my experience the game play of Free Fire is easier than PUBG Mobile because Free Fire offers very simple control like Fire , Scope , Gun Change , Medical Kits , Map etc. and these are easy to use but the point which makes difference between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is Recoil ( when user fire bullets from guns , guns moves to back direction and aim changes like real guns ) of guns. PUBG gave very realistic vibe to the gamers of guns. PUBG gives many customization features like Gyro setting , scope setting , full control of custom hud ( adjustment of the setting of features like aim , fire , buttons etc. on screen ) according to the player want etc.

6. Community on YouTube :-

Both the games have a very high community on YouTube. Both the games have different types of channels like some are of streames , some of montage videos , some are famous for funny commentary , some are famous for serious game play , some are of the gaming news channels , some are of tricks an tips etc. In Free Fire India biggest YouTube channel is Total Gaming with over 20M+ subscribers and in PUBG Mobile India is Dynamo Gaming with almost 10M+ subscribers.

Conclusion :-

Conclusion is just if you have high end device and you like realistic graphics so can go for PUBG Mobile ( Still banned so please don’t try to play , wait for legal statement from Govt. ) and If you haven’t a high configuration device but you want to play a Battle Royle game with amazing characters , accessories like pets , Gloo walls , 10 min survival than you can go for Free Fire.

Note :-

Please don’t hate any game because I noticed many time some of PUBG players hate Free Fire because and same case in Free Fire. Some Free Fire players also hate PUBG players. Being a gamer we have to respect all the games ,we have to understand the hard work behind the game so please respect all the games J .

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