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General Register Organization with Control Word || Computer Architecture Tutorials || Fresher Side

General Register Organization:- This Architecture is used by most modern computer processors.

 Any of the registers can be used as a source or destination for computer operation.

 In a basic computer, there is only one general-purpose register, the AC.

 In modern CPUs, there are many general-purpose registers.

 It is advantageous to have many registers, as data transfer between registers is fast.

Ex- ADD R1, R2, R3

MOV R1, R2

 Multiplexer A selector (SELA) places the content of R2 into bus A.

 Multiplexer B selector (SELB) places the content of R3 into bus B.

 ALU operation selector (OPR) to provide arithmetic addition A+B.

 Decoder destination selector (SELD) to transfer the content of O/P bus into R1.

Control Word:- Combined value of 14 binary inputs.

14-bit control word when applied to selection input specifies a particular micro-operation.

 When SELA OR SELB=000, multiplexer selects external input data.

 When SELD=000, no destination register is selected but contents of output bus are avail in external output.

ALU:- In addition to arithmetic operations, it also does logic operations, like shift operations, transfer, increment, complement, etc.

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