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InfyTQ portal:

Infosys has recently launched InfyTQ portal for the candidates who are studying in final year. InfyTQ is a platform where students can register and get infosys certified which will help them to grab a job as System Engineer in Infosys company. InfyTQ portal has many foundation courses in Programming, Database Management, Behavioural Skills etc. Students can take this courses then can apply for the infosys certification exam. The portal also aims to provide many interesting competitions such as hackathons.

Eligibility Criteria For Infosys InfyTQ Exam 2021 :

  • Candiadtes should have either be a B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2022.

  • On scoring 65% or above, you become an Infosys Certified Software Programmer and are eligible for an on-the-spot job interview by Infosys

Infosys InfyTQ Syllabus 2021:

  • Database – RDBMS Others

  • Python – OpenSystem

  • Object Oriented Development process

  • Algorithms and Data Structures – ALL

  • Requirement Engineering

  • Waterfall based development

  • Scrum

  • Quality Assurance

Infosys InfyTQ Exam Question Paper Pattern 2021:

This assessment will have two components:

  1. Hands-on (2 questions)

  2. Objective (MCQ) (20 questions).

The duration of the test is 3 hours.


  • Once you start the assessment, the screen will go into full-screen display mode and you will not be able to access any other application.

  • The timer at the top of the screen will display the time remaining for completing the assessment.

  • You can attempt the questions/components in any sequence. Save your code before switching out from Hands-on question.

  • For Hands-on component, please code your solution in the code pane below each of the 2 questions. Sample Input data is provided for testing the code.

  • The Objective (MCQ) component will have 20 questions on Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms and Database Management Systems concepts with multiple choices. In case of the questions with multiple correct answers, marks will be awarded only when all the right answers are chosen.

  • The answer/solution of each question (objective as well as hands-on) must be submitted individually. You must click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button for it to be considered for result calculation. In case of multiple submissions of a question, the last submission will be considered for result calculation.

  • Final marks will be displayed after you ‘Finish the test’ or when the time is over. Please click on ‘Finish the testonly when you have completed attempting all the questions. Assessment cannot be taken once again after clicking on ‘Finish the Test’ button.

  • The maximum attempts allowed for this assessment is 3.

Apply Link - Here

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