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MDU || BTech || Computer Science & Engineering || Subject List || 2021

Hey Guys,

In this blog, I am going to share the subject name of computer engineering stream of BTech or Bachelor's of Technology.

3rd semester

  1. Data Structures with Lab

  2. Digital Electronics with Lab

  3. Discrete Mathematics

  4. Digital & Analog Communication

  5. Engineering Economics

  6. Fundamentals of Management

4th semester

  1. Computer Architecture Organization

  2. Object Oriented Programming using C++ with Lab

  3. Database Management System with Lab

  4. Internet Fundamentals with Lab

  5. Operating System with Lab

5th semester

  1. Theory of Automata & Computation

  2. Multimedia Technologies with Lab

  3. Computer Graphics with Lab

  4. Microprocessor with Lab

  5. Web Development with Core Java Lab

6th semester

  1. System Programming & System Administrator

  2. Analysis & Design of Algorithms

  3. Computer Networks with Lab

  4. Digital System Design with Lab

  5. Principles of Software Engineering

7th semester

  1. Neural Networks with Lab

  2. Network Security Management (Optional)

  3. Compiler Design with Lab

  4. Advanced Java with Lab

  5. Software Project Management

  6. Advanced Computer Architecture

8th semester

--> Industrial Training of 6 months........................

Note :- This pattern is of F-Scheme, For G-Scheme - Search our blog..

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