Mobile App Development work from home job/internship at E-city Vibes Private Limited

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E-city Vibes is an informative platform where every business and service present in a city can be brought together. Local market income will be raised which is being overridden by the so-called tech giants. Local unemployment can be improved. All the local market vendors or private organizations need employment and the freshers or the job seekers have the problem of finding suitable jobs. Hence, both these issues can be solved by this platform. All people depending on eCommerce can now depend on their local vendors for products. We will help in the delivery section too.

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Work from home

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Mandatory to join whatsapp group for regular job updates

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Last Date to Apply – 03 May 2021

Duration –

2 months

Mandatory to join Telegram group for regular job updates

Skills Required – NoSQL, Flutter, Firebase

Stipend/Salary- 5000/month

Download java/python/android/web projects for free

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5 days a week

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To increase your chances for selection

1. Must a good resume that showcase your skills via projects/internships/volunteering.

2. A well maintained LinkedIn Profile with some certifications included.

3. Great to have own portfolio website that describes you in detail.

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