Round Robin Program in C || C Programs

Code -

void main()  
 // initlialize the variable name 
 int i, NOP, sum=0,count=0, y, quant, wt=0, tat=0, at[10], bt[10], temp[10];  
 float avg_wt, avg_tat;  
    printf(" Total number of process in the system: ");  
    scanf("%d", &NOP);  
    y = NOP; // Assign the number of process to variable y 
// Use for loop to enter the details of the process like Arrival time and the Burst Time 
for(i=0; i<NOP; i++)  
printf("\n Enter the Arrival and Burst time of the Process[%d]\n", i+1);  
printf(" Arrival time is: \t");  // Accept arrival time 
scanf("%d", &at[i]);  
printf(" \nBurst time is: \t"); // Accept the Burst time 
scanf("%d", &bt[i]);  
temp[i] = bt[i]; // store the burst time in temp array 
// Accept the Time qunat 
printf("Enter the Time Quantum for the process: \t");  
scanf("%d", &quant);  
// Display the process No, burst time, Turn Around Time and the waiting time 
printf("\n Process No \t\t Burst Time \t\t TAT \t\t Waiting Time ");  
for(sum=0, i = 0; y!=0; )  
if(temp[i] <= quant && temp[i] > 0) // define the conditions  
    sum = sum + temp[i];  
    temp[i] = 0;  
 else if(temp[i] > 0)  
        temp[i] = temp[i] - quant;  
        sum = sum + quant;    
 if(temp[i]==0 && count==1)  
        y--; //decrement the process no. 
        printf("\nProcess No[%d] \t\t %d\t\t\t\t %d\t\t\t %d", i+1, bt[i], sum-at[i], sum-at[i]-bt[i]);  
        wt = wt+sum-at[i]-bt[i];  
        tat = tat+sum-at[i];  
        count =0;     
 else if(at[i+1]<=sum)  
// represents the average waiting time and Turn Around time 
avg_wt = wt * 1.0/NOP;  
avg_tat = tat * 1.0/NOP;  
printf("\n Average Turn Around Time: \t%f", avg_wt);  
printf("\n Average Waiting Time: \t%f", avg_tat);  

Output -

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