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I applied Embed Ur Chennai for the position of Software Engineer/ Networking Engineer via Naukri On the next 2nd day of applying , i got the mail for the first round. In Embed Ur Ist round is online MCQ type questions test. It consists of Aptitude questions , basic c , micro processor , embedded questions and some core subjects questions. 1st round is little bit easier to crack. i cleared 1st round and 2nd round is technical interview with HR professionals . In 2nd round , it is like a technical Group Discussion , 2nd round is conducted via Microsoft teams ,group of students are there in the meeting , they asked random questions for random students, here they tested our basic core subjects . Questions are mostly from your field of interest and programming c like structure vs union, malloc vs calloc, microprocessor, basic networking questions like Osi model , tcp/ip protocols, digital electronics like flip flop, registers, sequential circuits , combinational circuits , edge triggering vs level triggering. I am EEE student so they ask from electronic devices like scr vs triode , thyristor vs transistor , ujt vs bit difference and some questions from machines like slip ring motor vs squirrel cage motor ,synchronous condensor , dc machines and some basic questions. 2nd round id bit easier to crack, i cleared that 2nd round and on the very next day i received a call for 2nd technical round (there fore 3rd round) , in 3rd round , technical round is with technical manage sir, in these round , they asked a in depth questions from digital electronics and analog electronics. these round is little bit tough to clear unfortunately i rejected in 3rd round(2nd technical round). who cleared the 3rd round , they have called for the hr hr discussion round , basic questions were asked like why should you join this company , self introduction, background check etc. overall the interview experience are really awesome , interviewer treat the students friendly such a great experience and I learned a lot.

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