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Stack Based CPU || Computer Architecture Tutorials || Fresher Side

Stack Based CPU:- Stack is a useful feature that is included in most computers.

 A stack is the same as LIFO list.

 A stack is a storage device which works on LIFO principle.

 Stack in a digital computer is a memory unit with an adder register that can count only after an initial value is loaded into it.

 The register which holds the address for stack – Stack Pointer & SP always points to TOS(Top of stack).

 Content of SP are inserted/deleted

(i) Push Operation:- Adding item to stack.

(ii) Pop Operation:- Deleting an item from the stack.

 However, nothing is pushed or popped in the stack, only contents of SP are increased or decreased.

Register Stack:- Stack may be placed in a portion of a large memory or can be organized as a collection of finite numbers of memory words or registers.

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