TCS NINJA Interview Experience || 2021

I' am Computer Science Student from JNTUHCEJ College. I was selected or TCS Ninja Interview. One day before the actual interview I received mail regarding the interview. Technical, HR, MR all together was supposed to happen in a time slot of 30min. I really prepared well for the interview and was pretty confident that I would crack it. To my utter disappointment, my intervieew went for only 15 minutes. I din't even felt that it was an interview. Only these are the questions I faced:


  1. What is DBMS

  2. What are objectives of DBMS

  3. What is difference between Java and other programming languages

  4. What is Oracle

  5. What are types of Operating Systems

  6. Write factorial program


1. Tell about yourself

This was the only question asked in managerial part of interview.

And some Hr questions were also asked by HR.

As the interview went for only 15min I was not sure that they would select me. I was good at my studies and will be in top 10 positions in class. When the results came, To my surprise all those who would study less than me got selected in the interview, and few of the toppers were left out unselected.

Time decides everything! Dont get nervous when you are not selected. There will be something better waiting for you there.

Hope it might be useful for someone:)

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