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#Tip: Still looking for Offers with one offer already in hand

Why are you still looking for other offers? One typical Q every HR will ask. Be prepared. Have some pointers with what is lacking in the offer that you have received.

• The offer is for a functional QA role, and I am looking for a better offer with automation as well.

• The offered CTC is actually low as per my skills & work experience.

• I don’t want to relocate. OR I would prefer a Company closer to my home.

• I am trying for a Product-based organization instead of Service-based OR vice-versa.

• Actually I am not going for all the interviews. XYZ is a big brand I would love to work with. Couldn’t ignore this interview call.

Closing statement can be - I am looking for a long-term commitment, so hunting for the best opportunity that I can get within the time I have in hand.

Got any Questions regarding Job Search ? Ask us in comments !

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