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If you already read about Row widget from our previous blog then it will be very easy for you to understand about Column widgets because properties are almost same with Row widget.

Column:- Column is also a multichild widget which contains multiple child in a vertical or column manner. It has a List of widgets children which contains all the widgets like container , text , other Rows or Columns. Columns is reverse of the Rows so that some properties like crossAxisAlignment and mainAxisAlignment works change with each other for example In Row mainAxisAlignment works horizontally and crossAxisAlignment works vertically but in Column mainAxisAlignment works vertically and crossAxisAlignment works horizontally.

Properties of Column:-

Column ({

Key key

MainAxisAlignment mainAxisAlignment

MainAxisSize mainAxisSize

CrossAxisAlignment crossAxisAlignment

TextDirection textDirection

VerticalDirection verticalDirection

TextBaseLine textBaseLine

List<Widget> children = <Widget>[]


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